Welcome to my studio ~

Still Life and Small Works, Little Bites of Art

Continental Breakfast-11x14" framed, 550.00
Cuppa Joe, 8x8", 85.00 SOLD
10x10", 8x8, 6x6" inch Oil on Canvas Small Works, sides are Gallery-Wrapped and side-painted to add to the illusion of 3 dimensions, needs no frame, arrives ready to hang ~ Many are available as Giclees only, email for details ~

The Usual Suspects,6x6",  85.00 SOLD
Outta Da Bag, 6x6", 85.00 SOLD
Still Life n' Vanilla, 6x6",85.00
Pear-Fect, 6x6",85.00
Red!, 6x6",85.00  SOLD
No Spare Here-8"x10" framed, OIL on Paper-85.00
The Stuff of Vinaigrette, 85.00
Perfume n' Pearls-SOLD
Bad Date Repellant-SOLD
Just Hangin' Out Together 85.00
Red No. 4-SOLD
Mary's Watermelon Picnic, 11x14" #75.00
Her First Pair-SOLD
Goin' Bananas-SOLD
Siblings-GICLEE ONLY, email for details
Three Musketeers-GICLEE ONLY, email for details
All The King's Horses, 250.
Crunchy Carrots-GICLEE ONLY, email for details
Pretty Pears-GICLEE ONLY, email for details
Plum Juicy-GICLEE ONLY, email for details
Some Tomato!-GICLEE ONLY, email for details

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