Viewpoints 2007

Tom Naylor has been creating etchings since 1980. He started in Westchester County, NY at the Westchester Art Workshop, under the tutelage of Dorothy Adelman, from 1980 to 1982. Dorothy taught color etching techniques so he learned how to do color etchings from the beginning.

In 1982, he also took a class in printmaking at the Westchester Community College. During the period from 1982 to 1984, he studied as a private student of Dorothy Adelman. From 1983 to 1984, he learned new etching techniques and materials at the State University of New York at Purchase under Priscilla Swartzchild.  From 1984 to 1986, he studied additional color etching techniques, including viscosity printing, under Elaine Breiger at the School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan, New York.

In 1986, he returned to his hometown of Washington, D.C.  He enrolled in University College of the University of Maryland to continue his studies of etching techniques. He studied there with Sumi Putman from 1987 to 1990. During this time, he assisted Sumi in teaching techniques that he had learned while in New York. In addition to his own work, he was asked to assist the advanced students so Sumi could concentrate on teaching the beginning students. In summer 1988, he attended a workshop in Intermediate and Advanced Intaglio Techniques at the Smithsonian Institution that was run by Discover Graphics Atelier of Alexandria, Va.

In 1990, Tom’s career brought him to Dallas. He enrolled in the University of  Dallas where he studied under Jurgen Strunck from 1990 to 1991. He also enrolled at Collin County Community College to study under Ann Meyers. He studied with Ann from 1990 until 1997 when the pressures of his career forced him to give up printmaking.

In 2003, he enrolled in a workshop on non-toxic intaglio printmaking at the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico taught by Melanie Yazzi and based on the textbook by Keith Howard. Here he learned about new materials and techniques that were safer than traditional materials. This workshop also renewed his interest in printmaking. In 2003, he enrolled again at the Collin County Community College to work in their printmaking studio under Professor Carter Scaggs. In addition to his own work, he conducted experiments in acrylic resist etching techniques and materials. He taught a one day workshop in acrylic resist materials and techniques to the printmaking class of Professor Kazuko Goto. He has assisted Professor Carter Scaggs in converting the printmaking studio from traditional to non-toxic (acrylic resist) printmaking.

In 2013, he began experimenting with using discarded CDs as a medium for making prints. The base material is a plastic that lends itself to limited engraving. He also uses GAC 200 to glue materials to the disc to create textures.

Also in 2013, he began studying serigraphy under Professor Rex Reece at Collin County Community College. He has produced images using photo techniques as well as by hand painting.

In 2015, Tom moved to an independent living retirement community. Since there were no facilities within the community for doing etchings, he decided to experiment with monotypes, monoprints and block carving. Since then, he has taught a class in printmaking. Some examples of his new works have been added to the new gallery: monotypes, monoprints and block prints.

Tom is a retired Computer Scientist and programmer/analyst. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Judith Barnes, a retired Allen ISD teacher.



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