2011 2011
This Gallery contains some of my work from 2011.

2012/2013 Prints 2012/2013 Prints
This gallery contains some of my work from 2012/2013. These are the last etchings that I've done since losing access to an etching studio in 2013.

Dance of the Stars Dance of the Stars
The inspiration for this image was a painting by Kandinsky called "Three Circles". I mixed his circular images with my interest in astronomy to create stars dancing around in a cosmic force field.. The images show a progression of 5 states of the plates that make up the image with several color variations within each state

Windows Series Windows Series
In this series, I have combined a plate that has  an image that I call windows with several other plates. One of these plates was designed to use with the windows plate. In the other images, the windows plate has been combined with other images that were not specifically designed for it but which go well with it.

Polychromatic Experiment Series Polychromatic Experiment Series
In this series, various plates have been combined using various colors to explore the effects of multiple plates and multiple colors. Most of these plates were originally designed to stand alone, but they work well together to provide deep layers of color and design.