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Tom Naylor

Artist directory :: Tom Naylor

A Gallery of My Color Etchings and other prints. I have added some CD prints and some serigraphs that are not etchings but still my prints.I have also added some monotypes, monoprints and block prints.

Tom Naylor


Tom Naylor 
Tom Naylor has been creating etchings since 1980. He started in Westchester County, NY at the Westchester Art Workshop, under the tutelage of Dorothy Adelman, from 1980 to 1982. Dorothy taught color etching techniques so he learned how to do color etchings from the beginning. In 1982, he also took a class in printmaking at the Westchester Community College. During the period from 1982 to 1984, he studied as a private student of Dorothy Adelman. From 1983 to 1984, he learned new etching techniques and materials at the State University of New York at Purchase under Priscilla Swartzchild. From 1984 to 1986, he studied additional color etching techniques, including viscosity printing, under Elaine Breiger at the School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan, New...


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8010 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX 75252
United States


2011 This Gallery contains some of my work from 2011.
2012/2013 Prints This gallery contains some of my work from 2012/2013. These are the last etchings that I've done since losing access to an etching studio in 2013.
Dance of the Stars The inspiration for this image was a painting by Kandinsky called "Three Circles". I mixed his circular images with my interest in astronomy to create stars dancing around in a cosmic force field..
Windows Series In this series, I have combined a plate that has an image that I call windows with several other plates. One of these plates was designed to use with the windows plate.
Polychromatic Experiment Series In this series, various plates have been combined using various colors to explore the effects of multiple plates and multiple colors.
Serigraphs While serigraphs are not etchings, they are my latest foray into printmaking. All of these are screen prints on paper. For some of them, the image was created on the screen photographically; for others, the image was hand painted on the screen.
Monotypes, Monoprints, Block Prints This gallery shows some of my recent work with monotypes, monoprints and block prints. The block prints are carved in both wood blocks and linoleum blocks.


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