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Kunwar (prince)

Art competitions :: Art Meets Fashion :: Kunwar (prince)

Please join us in thanking all artists who entered their work in the Art Meets Fashion competition.

Kunwar   (prince)
Kunwar (prince)
Count Jonathan von Baumann

This bejeweled piece is inspired by the tradition of the mughal era which swept through northern India in the early 1500,s radically changing the culture of the region.While such jewelery was originally made as decoration for their idols and goddesses,it was later worn by the temple dancers.Quickly it became fashionable for the elite,both male and female to wear these antique styles to show their power and wealth,eventually this bejeweled style filtered down through the the classes to be worn on special occasions and even today is still a large part of the traditional colorful wedding trousseau.
Kunwar is a lifesized plaster male torso,29inch high,18inch at its widest point(shoulders) & 4.5inch deep.It rests on a solid wood base,17inch wide,9.5 inch deep & 5inch high,which like the torso has been lacquered in a high black gloss.It has then been encrusted with 5mm flatback crystals in a traditional "blood red ruby","emerald green","white diamond" & 4mm & 7mm "lustrous white pearl" bejeweled design.
This piece was completed on the 16th of September 2010.
I have studied at "The Mallow College of Fashion and Design" in Ireland,where i was inspired by embroidered and beaded tailoring and its long history in fashion through the ages to create these bejeweled sculptural pieces that have become my distinctive artistic style.
Thank you for your time.
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