This website focuses on presenting findings in the fields of psychiatry and sleep medicine in a form accessible for everyone.  It grows from my belief that the value of new information is limited if it is only expressed in jargon-rich terms designed for specialists.

In the case of ‘The Science of Sleep’, I have tried not only to describe our understanding of what sleep is and how it works, but also express the sense of wonder which surrounds it.  In my other recent books, the goal has been to express our new understanding of treatments for anxiety, depression and insomnia in terms that are meaningful for persons who are experiencing these disorders, in the hope that it will be helpful in making informed decisions when working with a doctor. They are written broadly enough to also be useful for trainees who are learning to prescribe medicines or providers of non-medicine 'talking' therapies.

‘The curious history of medicines in psychiatry’ is for anyone who would like to learn more about how these drugs were discovered. ‘Molecules, Madness, and Malaria’ describes how Victorian fabric dyes evolved into modern medicines for mental illness and infectious disease.

I am a psychiatrist and sleep doctor; more information about my work is available on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallace_B._Mendelson).  Though my career has been devoted to medicine, I am also deeply appreciative of literature.  Perhaps we can have some interesting conversations about the books reviewed in the blog?

Some of the resources here, which are accessed from the menu on the left:

RECENT BOOKS: Descriptions of ‘The Curious History of Medicines in Psychiatry’,  'Understanding Medicines for Anxiety', ‘Understanding Sleeping Pills’, ‘Understanding Antidepressants’ and ‘The Science of Sleep’ in text and short videos.

ARTICLES ON MEDICAL/HEALTH WEBSITES: Topics are primarily anxiety, depression, insomnia, and sleep science.

BLOG DEVOTED TO LITERATURE: These include thoughts about novels both contemporary and classic. Please feel free to add comments. 

GALLERIES: Photos of topics that have always intrigued me, and that I hope will interest you. 

DOWNLOAD CENTER: Here you can download my curriculum vitae, a flyer and ordering information for ‘The Science of Sleep’, and other professional materials.

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