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Wallace Mendelson's Website

Artist directory :: Wallace Mendelson's Website

I am a psychiatrist and sleep doctor, and after many years in these fields am interested in translating the newest findings into a form which is accessible and helpful. My interests in particular involve depression and sleep science.

Wallace Mendelson's Website


Wallace Mendelson 
I am a psychiatrist and sleep researcher, a writer of professional and popular educational material. I am a student of literature, have a lot of thoughts on how it enriches one's life, and am very interested in photography as a means of self expression. I have had a lifelong fascination with orchids, and capturing their images.


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Scottsdale, AZ
United States


Orchids: Cattleya Orchids have always been a source of fascination to me, not only for their beauty but because they come from exotic places around the world, and have had amazing adaptations to their environment. There are over 30,000 species, and around 100,000 types of hybrids have been developed by growers. Cattleyas, or corsage orchids, come from the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Orchids: Phalaenopsis Phalaeonopsis are sometimes called 'moth orchids', since a series of them on a plant look a little bit like a group of moths in flight. They come from Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia. They are generally epiphytes (live in trees), often in the shade under the canopy in moist jungle areas.
Orchids: Paphiopedilum If you like beauty with just a touch of the exotic or sinister, you may like Paphiopedilum. It is sometimes called the Lady Slipper orchid, because of the large pouch-like lip (labellum) which attracts insects for pollination. They come from Southeast Asia, India and the Pacific Islands, where they mostly live on the forest floor.
Orchids: Various types One of my favorites is the dendrobium (sometimes called the Thai restaurant orchid, reflecting the way many of us are familiar with it). In nature it is found in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Japan, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands. As you can see in the pictures, they can be recognized by the prominent 'chin'.
Automobiles: 1954 MG-TF This is my 1954 MG TF. The MG-T series were made from 1936-1955, when they were replaced by the MG-A. The MG-TF is a speedy little machine, made from 1953-1955, with a 1250 cc XPAG engine, and a later more powerful version with a 1500 cc engine also came out. Further down on the page are pictures from an MG show, showing the interior panels from a variety of models.
Automobiles: 1948 Nash The Nash car company was founded by Charles W. Nash, a director of General Motors who decided to go out on his own in 1916, and the company continued to produce vehicles as part of Kelvinator (hence its early development of air conditioning) and American Motors until 1957. Mine was a 1948 coupe, with a straight 6 cylinder engine.
Sunrises I used to live in an apartment in Chicago facing east onto Lake Michigan. This gave a great opportunity to photograph sunrises over the lake, which itself has many moods. My understanding of sunrises has also changed over the years.
Tugboats I've always been fascinated by tugboats. Maybe this reflects memories of Little Toot, the little tug who preferred making figure eights in the harbor and otherwise having fun, until the day he was alone on a stormy ocean, with no one else around to help save an ocean liner in distress. In any event, it is interesting to see them guiding ships, or pushing huge barges for long distances.
Casino art The gambling rooms in casinos are a very special kind of environment, with no clocks, and no way of telling whether it is night or day. The design seems to be to create a place outside of time, where nothing is important except the moment. The signage is bold, designed to draw one in.
Point Lobos Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, just south of Carmel, California, is one of my favorite places. It is about 9 square miles of woodland and open country on dramatic bluffs overlooking the Pacific. It is one of only two places in which the Monterey Cypress tree grows wild (the other is nearby Pebble Beach).


Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty)
The relation of witnessing domestic violence and bullying at school.

Anagrams (Lorrie Moore)
A nice reminder of the pleasure of words and language.

Into the beautiful north (Luis Alberto Urrea)
A story of a nineteen year old who sets out to the north to find her own version of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ to save her village.

Breathe better, sleep better (Anandi)
A guide to a form of yoga emphasizing breathing as a pathway to well being.

A horse walks into a bar (David Grossman)
A stand-up comic’s last performance intersperses humor with the story of his life.

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