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Wallace Mendelson's Website

Artist directory :: Wallace Mendelson's Website

Insights into the history of psychiatry and psychopharmacology, with additional material on other selected topics including mental illness and creativity in literary figures, and understanding medications for sleep, anxiety and depression.

Wallace Mendelson's Website


Wallace Mendelson 
I am a psychiatrist and sleep researcher, a writer of professional and popular educational material. I am a student of literature, have a lot of thoughts on how it enriches one's life, and am very interested in photography as a means of self expression. I have had a lifelong fascination with orchids, and capturing their images.


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Scottsdale, AZ
United States


Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty)
The relation of witnessing domestic violence and bullying at school.

Anagrams (Lorrie Moore)
A nice reminder of the pleasure of words and language.

Into the beautiful north (Luis Alberto Urrea)
A story of a nineteen year old who sets out to the north to find her own version of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ to save her village.

Breathe better, sleep better (Anandi)
A guide to a form of yoga emphasizing breathing as a pathway to well being.

A horse walks into a bar (David Grossman)
A stand-up comic’s last performance intersperses humor with the story of his life.

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