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September 14-29, 2009  La Jolla Art Association:     All County Show:

September 20-October 25, 2009 INDEPENDENT VISIONS XI
a Fine Arts Exhibit by Artists with disabilities. There will be a Reception and Awards Ceremony
Friday, October 02, 2009, 5:30 to 8pm
in the 5th Avenue patio between Olive and Nutmeg Sts.
at St. Paul ’s Cathedral

Wayne Noboru Hosaka was born and raised in San Diego, California and has lived there his whole life. When he was 22, in 1971, he was paralyzed while racing motorcycles.

For Wayne, being involved in motorcycle racing has been a form of self-expression since he was a teenager and the accident hasn't changed that. He created and maintains a website at that is dedicated to information about the motorcycle racing world and provides a forum that allows motorcycle enthusiast to communicate with each other.

Wayne's love for art has also been a lifelong pleasure. He has been drawing and painting ever since elementary school. His father was a talented artist and encouraged Wayne to pursue his artistic abilities. Ever since the accident, Wayne has painted by using both a mouth stick and his left arm to do broad strokes. He decided recently to use the mouthstick exclusively because over the years he has experienced less mobility and control in his arms.

Wayne is a student member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists based in Lichtenstein, Europe. He was encouraged to apply to the association by Robert Thome, a full member of the association because Robert felt his art was worthy of this recognition. Wayne was juried into the Association in the summer of 2004. One of the benefits of membership is that the Association sends him a stipend monthly to be used for supplies and to further his education. "I send my paintings to the Association and they have the option of using them for cards and calendars which they market worldwide to generate funds for furthering the cause of recognizing "disabled" artists," Wayne explains. The majority of Wayne's artwork is directed toward the Association. He paints more personal subjects for local shows and for his own interests and needs.

Wayne enjoys painting with different mediums and although he started with watercolors, he finds that he enjoys acrylics as they give him freedom of expression. He has just started exploring painting with oils at the Arts College International in San Diego with his instructor, Stuart Burton. Wayne says that Stuart has been very instrumental in intuitively guiding him to reach for his creativity in spite of Wayne feeling at times overwhelmed by his circumstances.

Wayne has gone through some major transitions in his life and 2004 was no exception. He lost his wife of 24 years, whom he relied on for support both physically and spiritually. Now his focus is on his art and he is aware that the next phase of his life will not be easy because of so many distractions. While he still struggles with grief, he has discovered that he can express it in a healthy way through focusing on his art. Now that Wayne is older, he is looking for deeper meaning in his life. He says," I have just finished a chapter where I have been involved with the motorcycle world and now I feel focusing on my artwork is my way of expressing the joy of life. I have a gift I must share."

He has been recognized in the racing community, the disabled community and now wants to be recognized as an artist, with and without the "disabled artist" label. He feels that his artwork has the potential to grow and that he can help other physically disabled people to see that they are capable people first. Capable of expressing their passion in whatever way they choose. "We all have a reason to be well."

Update: June, 2009
"I am currently enrolled at the Art Academy of San Diego studying under Stuart Burton.  I also am a volunteer at the Sharp Rehabilitation Center in their art class for the disabled.
I continued to publish a web site for flat track motorcycle racing.
In 2007 I met a wonderful lady and am now engaged to Kathleen Fabry.


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The artist community of laments the passing of Wayne Hosaka Sr. . We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Wayne Hosaka Sr. , RIP.