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I will miss you, and pray that I never forget the help you gave so freely to me in my darkest time. God Bless you Hos. jimmy
-- Jimmy Gates, 2/4/11

Sadness surrounds me as I mourn you my Samurai. You will forever be with me in spirit and in each sunny day I'll see you smiling as you relax in the sun. My heart is empty since you've made the final transition. I love you now and always will.
-- Kathleen, 1/18/11

May you rest in peace Wayne, I will miss you dearly. Your friendship has meant so much to me, Godspeed my friend. JG
-- Jim Grant, 1/18/11

RIP old friend.
-- Alex Arrues, 1/17/11

Gods speed Hos. You fought the good fight and ment a lot to a lot of us... HP
-- Stan Millard, 1/16/11

-- Paul Delasaux, 1/16/11

Thanks to Don Emde, I've become aware of your talent and strenght. I'm ashamed that I don't do more with my time. I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. Dirt Track should get a lot more TV time. The risk vs. rewards for racers isn't equal. They do it because they love it. It's hard not to repect that.
-- Jerry Mccommons, 1/8/11

Terrific work, Wayne. I am an on-line friend of Kathleen's who went to her high school. I have, in the past, purchased Christmas cards produced by your assocition. Pete
-- Pete Badame, 10/8/10

That's my guy...hard at work and enjoying it.
-- Kathleen Fabry, 12/1/09

Hos your an inspiration to all thanks
-- Jerry Cameron, 12/1/09

Felice CiprianiI am Humbled and Inspired by you. Bravo cheers Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 10/23/09

Wayne, you never cease to amaze. My wife's an artist and she was blown away by your work.
-- Brad Rudy, 9/18/09

Wayne, you never cease to amaze. My wife's an artist and she was blown away by your work.
-- Brad Rudy, 9/18/09

You never cease to amaze, Wayne.
-- Brad Rudy, 9/18/09

Inspirational!! Fantastic work, Wayne.
-- Willy Gong, 9/18/09

Wayne, This is very good - inspiring. David Couchman
-- David Couchman, 8/28/09

Wow! Wayne, I'm really impressed! What you do for flattrack, art and life is amazing. Doug Stewart, the other #55
-- Doug Stewart, 5/12/09

Enjoyed looking at your art. I am Richard Hosaka jr.'s daughter
-- Vanessa Hosaka, 5/4/09

hi wayne !!want to thank you for the the wonderful filling that i receive when i read the differant stories u share. with all of us.thanks again.. chubby armour,,
-- Chubby, 1/30/09

Good stuff Wayne- 2 of the hardest things a guy could choose to learn. Flat tracking and painting pictures. 2 of the most exciting and rewarding too. Me too. 27h
-- John Glass, 1/22/09

The artist community of Zhibit.org laments the passing of Wayne Hosaka Sr. . We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Wayne Hosaka Sr. , RIP.