Will Hanlon Studios - Peekskill Gallery is Open

After ten years and over 200 works of Art, I am finally hanging out my shingle and offering up pieces for private viewing and online sales.  I have just opened my own private gallery in Peekskill, NY and have 30+ works mounted, 50+ works in on-site storage and 120+ works in off-site storage.  In addition, I have created a new menu item in my Zhibit Gallery page called “For Purchase” for on-line customers.  This is linked to PayPal and includes shipping choices.

My private studio gives me the opportunity to not only show selected works, but also provides a workshop environment for new art.  (It also happens to provide me with a “work-from-home” office space for my day job, which I continue love doing.)

If you are going to be in the Peekskill area and would like a private viewing, please call the following number to coordinate a date and time:  (914) 930-7367



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Will Hanlon Studios

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