2023 Peekskill Open Studio - Intro



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Peekskill Open Studio - June 1-2


I am thrilled to celebrate my 2nd year in Peekskill and opening up my gallery for the Open Studios on June 1-2. The Mayor's office has created videos of some of the artists. I love this town...


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River Front Gallery - Opening Reception


Three of my pieces were selected for a juried show at the River Front Gallery in Yonkers, NY.  The opening was on 11/1/18, with more receptions on December 6 and January 3.  The theme is Objet Trouve', or "found art."  Works made of everyday materials and objects not usually used in works of art.  Somehow, push-pins. ping-pong balls, paper-clips and pipe-cleaners fit in this category!  The show runs until January 2, 2019.


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Evolution Gallery - Peekskill, NY


Walking down Main St. one recent morning, and came across a new art gallery opening up in Peekskill - The Evolution Gallery.  So went inside and met the owner, Evelyn Lee, who expressed a great deal of interest in my work.  Her gallery is dedicated to local artists doing original work, and I must say the stuff I do fits right in.  She has chosen 3 pieces - "Caged Tweets", "Ordered Chaos" and "Two Rings" to start with.  As they say, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship...


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Peekskill Open Studios 2018


Racing to the finish line - relocating all of my art to my new studio in Peekskill in time for the Open Studios Festival where the local artists open their doors to the public.  Great turnout and even a few sales.  Most of all, made the space ready for private showing anytime going forward.  Also, all of the art is on-site or in storage, ready for delivery.  The goal is to keep work / art in balance.  Order and Chaos.


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Will Hanlon Studios - Peekskill Gallery is Open


After ten years and over 200 works of Art, I am finally hanging out my shingle and offering up pieces for private viewing and online sales.  I have just opened my own private gallery in Peekskill, NY and have 30+ works mounted, 50+ works in on-site storage and 120+ works in off-site storage.  In addition, I have created a new menu item in my Zhibit Gallery page called “For Purchase” for on-line customers.  This is linked to PayPal and includes shipping choices.

My private studio gives me the opportunity to not only show selected works, but also provides a workshop environment for new art.  (It also happens to provide me with a “work-from-home” office space for my day job, which I continue love doing.)

If you are going to be in the Peekskill area and would like a private viewing, please call the following number to coordinate a date and time:  (914) 930-7367



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Will Hanlon Studios

 Will HanlonPeekskill, NY914-930-7367

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