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Directory of Michigan artists

North America :: Michigan

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These Women Paint!We are a group of four women that reside in southwestern rural MI; we paint together on a weekly basis in a 100 year old school. Landscapes, florals, wildlife and abstracts using a variety of mediums.
ARF ARTExpressionistic Figurative Drawings, Prints and Paintings
JUDE HARDIN, ARTISTNature. It has been in my bones since birth. In earlier years, every rock, flower and piece of wood was just the right one to complete my latest and greatest project. Now, they are the main story line of my paintings.
Mary RileyPaintings that capture an animal’s beauty.
TAHSEEN AL NASHY I am a professional artist, painter, sculptor & designer.. wrote art criticisms and artistic studies. My art has been written about by many art critics and journalists.
Mad AdderArt Direction, Graphic Design, Video editing, Copywriting, Print and Digital.
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