My artwork testify to those things that I have intimately embraced and found beautiful throughout my life .To me there is nothing more gratifying than recreating through art the memories that we hold as individuals. The female form with all its intriguing curvatures has mesmerized man and angels alike,since the time of their creation. As we have seen throughout history ,art has been humanities way of recording time ,events and our very existence.   
   There are things that move each of our souls to believe in the greatness that could exist beyond our sight and only a God could have determinedly created something as profoundly pleasing as the sight of a woman. My artist name derived from my own praise to a higher source of creativity, within that praise was found my worship towards him in whom I trust is the author of all things that are created. I took on the name Worship as a remembrance that all things came from a greater source that we see and that our level of creativity was given as a measure of grace from him who has all creative power.My beliefs are not as important as the message that I hope to deliver in my paintings,but they hold a significant value to the underlying work in which I create.  
    I created an acronym for the word worship to speak of  my honor towards the created women.WORDS OF REVERENCE SINCERELY HONORING IN PRAISE.     I am a self taught artist who works in many different mediums to create the desired outcome. most of my works are created with the use of acrylic paints,oil ,watercolor ,automotive urethane candy paints and other materials to create certain textures that may be found. My artwork is an exploration of human reaction to those things that have been socially unacceptable and suppressed but depicts the true nature of our natural beings.
   I begin my creative process with references such as live models, photographs and props that I may find within any subject matter what pleases my own desires..My life as an artist begin in the city of New Orleans,It's a city with an endless amount of culture and for myself it was the place  best to explore and study human behavior. New Orleans is a city in america that feels more like it's in  a european country, as the local people there and those who visit, openly feel free and liberated from the daily stresses of society.     
   The key element of my work isn't whether the composition of the face or figure is anatomically correct,or whether the art object's style is realistic,impressionistic, expressionistic or anything else. I execute each painting erotically so it's fair to assume that I wanted  to magnify to the viewer that there was something that I found praiseworthy to take pleasure in,celebrate,exalt,glorify. And in this sense, the erotic and aesthetic merge . My work is created to be evocative but not exclusively to our carnal sense and lustful appetites.My work engages the human aesthetic sense,our judgement about how each figure illustrates an idea of human beauty. some of my paintings may border on abstract and others may appear as real as a photograph to the eyes of some viewers.It is my creative intentions that you the viewer are made privy to a joyful sensuality that feels at once exciting and enriched. I am compelled to bring to viewers the beauty of rejoicing over the created female form and honoring physical intimacy.   
   It is my future goal as an artist to continue to create art that welcomes viewers into my world that they may follow and understand my vision of free thought and expression in a world bound with societal judgments .I am currently working on the completion of four series , created for the liberation of those who daily wear a veil shamelessly from being who they truly are eternally .I create my artwork not that it speaks expressly to any demographic but to all that exist as humanity. We are all evolving daily into who we are and the main person that we should evolve into sometimes is found lying dormant already within us.

The artist Worship

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