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Fine Art by Artist Worship

Artist directory :: Fine Art by Artist Worship

Art created by the artist Worship elevates the mind to think beyond the restraints of a society riddled with judgments.It is the liberation of free thought and expression through the capturing of human feelings and emotions.

Fine Art by Artist Worship


ABW. Productions 
My artwork testify to those things that I have intimately embraced and found beautiful throughout my life .To me there is nothing more gratifying than recreating through art the memories that we hold as individuals. The female form with all its intriguing curvatures has mesmerized man and angels alike,since the time of their creation. As we have seen throughout history ,art has been humanities way of recording time ,events and our very existence. There are things that move each of our souls to believe in the greatness that could exist beyond our sight and only a God could have determinedly created something as profoundly pleasing as the sight of a woman. My artist name derived from my own praise to a higher source of creativity, within that praise was...


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700 royal st
New Orleans, LA 70032
United States


Darkest secrets Darkest secrets features the arrival of a new series still in progress . It explores the coming into self and the acknowledgement of sensual temptations and the depth of human perception .Each painting in this series has not been released yet , but completion is soon to come. You will find the richness of colors bursting in the most brilliant symphonic arranged compositions .
Naughty and nice Nice and naughty features the theatrical Arena of the world of burlesque and the sophistication of its performers on and off stage. It's a world filled with sexy and sensual attractive women who seduce their audience with a sultry dance and tease. First beginning in the 1840s New York City as a dramatic or musical work, created to cause joy and laughter through the performance of a parody of a more serious body of work.
Stretch and release The featured series Stretch and release, is a highly textured monochromatic series ,created with a textured called by the artist as black diamond .This texture creates a relief on the canvas surface and offers viewer a shimmering spectacle of vibrabrant light thats transmitted through the use of translucent glass flakes as a part of the created mixture of this texture.The series focus primarily on the the abstract elements of light and dark ,positive and negative spaces by allowing the viewer to fill in...
undecided temptation  Undecided Temptation is a palette knife series still in progress but features three paintings fully completed with two others to come. Each painting created in its own uniqueness allows the viewer to experience the correlation between these compositions solely based on the emotional energy present within them. Various Styles and techniques were utilized in the creative process that each composition stand abroad and yet together in the sense of a engrossing revelation.
Melodies Bride Melodies bride features two artful paintings ,Another Sad Love Song and The Blue Inside of Me,each painting created in acrylic on canvas.
Non-resistance Non - resistance features a collection of paintings that explores the female form in it's many facets as seen through the eyes of the artist. There's no reservations or thoughts of witholding what the artist casually embedded within each of these compositions . The approach allowed his freedom of expression to flourish abundantly and without restraints.
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