If all the world's a stage, then welcome backstage!
Welcome to the Artemystic world of artist, illustrator, author and oneironaut Paul W. Coca.

 The great scholar of mythology, Joseph Campbell once said,"‘The way of the mystic and the way of the artist are related, except that the mystic doesn’t have a craft.” From The Power of Myth, Campbell and Bill Moyers discuss the currently overlooked role of artists in society...

Bill Moyers: "Who interprets the divinity inherent in nature for us today? Who are our shamans?"

Joseph Campbell: "It is the function of the artist to do this. The artist is the one who communicates myth for today.…."

Moyers: "So shamans functioned in earlier societies as artists do now. They play a much more important role than simply being..."

Campbell: "They played the role of the priesthood traditionally plays in our society."

Inspired by this, I explore the mystical side of the human condition and bring back to share with the world the touristy snapshots I have seen along the way. Some are whimsical, but there are shadow lands to navigate as well. Sometimes, the artist/mystic, (in order to make a living), must use their craft in the commercial world of art and entertainment to bring to life the dreams and nightmares of others. Ultimately it doesn't matter; this is where the magic happens and its all a wonderful playground to share and enjoy.


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 The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. 

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