Koan Cookies:The Reality of Illusion Koan Cookies:The Reality of Illusion
"An illustrated meditative experience.
Three dreams entangled through time.
A parade of thoughts,
a filmstrip of memories.
New life through tantric Union and the
dream-recording monk, Myōe."

Featuring 32 illustrations that immerse the reader into a visual experience that can be read in less than 15 minutes (though one can linger as long as one wants, gaining more depth from the rich imagery).

The Butterfly Paradox The Butterfly Paradox
Lucidity's Parable: a bedtime story about waking up

Entertainment Industry Entertainment Industry
A sampling of the work I have done in the entertainment industry for Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Universal Studios and others.

Multimedia Art Multimedia Art
This gallery contains works of art using modern art tools such as Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Poser Pro and digital video production. I recently received my degree in Multimedia Arts from Portland Community College and Sessions School of Design.

Portfolio of Illustrations Portfolio of Illustrations
A portfolio of artwork demonstrating my various approaches to illustration.

Murals Murals
Photos of various murals of have painted commercially and residential.

Prints for Sale Prints for Sale
Here is a selection of some of my artwork available for sale as prints. All of my prints are on 13x19" watercolor paper: The printed area itself may not be exactly 13x19 inches wide or tall. Sometimes the proportions are different, which allows white space around the edges for framing/matting. I will make the print as large as possible on the page. All prints are signed by me.

Portraits Portraits
Examples of my portrait work. Depending on the portrait, I use oil or acrylic as well as airbrush, pencil, and color pencil.

The Zen of Seeing and Drawing The Zen of Seeing and Drawing
This is my gallery of drawings and doodles that I do as a meditation and a form of therapy. The drawings are usually done in a very short period of time and I post them on my blog. I try to do one drawing a day and usually I have no idea what it might be until I find it.  Doing these drawings have helped me unclog the cobwebs that have cluttered my ability to see as an artist sees the world. It is a form of Zen meditation. It is the Zen of Seeing and Drawing.
 All images are available for sale as prints.

Logos  Logos
These are samples of Logo's that I have designed.

3D art 3D art
A showcase of some of my sculptures and other 3D works.

Doodles and Splats Doodles and Splats
Accidental pieces of art. Very whimsical images that I see in the spatters and splats on my work table. Sometimes, I can't help but to enhance them.

Tom Peterson Coloring Book Tom Peterson Coloring Book
For those of you in the Portland Oregon area who remember the craze of Tom Peterson. I drew the Tom Peterson Coloring Book

Oneironaughtic Art Oneironaughtic Art
Artwork inspired by dreams.

 The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. 

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