Lucid Dream of the Premanifest

 December 2, 2011

         ...I am in a hallway of a Victorian building. The hallway is narrow with doors lining it like in a hotel. I have the impression that I am dreaming and want to get outside to fly. I come to a corridor with turret-like rooms with windows. I realize the windows are actually mirrors and not a way out. I know there is a way out for me. I then see a round hole on the floor and for some reason dive toward it. I am flying down a tunnel at a very quick rate of speed. I don't know where this will take me but feel that this is a Shamanic experience, one that needs to be undertaken. I fly out into another dimension–another world linked to the waking world. As I fly, it's as if I am swimming through the air with my arms.  The sky is a twilight purple as I fly over a group of other beings... other students. I then bank to the left and fly through an orchard with trees that contain some sort of glowing fruit. Somewhere, nearby, there is a Buddha and I can sense it transmitting a teaching to me. I can see the Buddha in my mind sitting in meditation posture. He tells me I don't have to use my arms to fly. I relax my arms and I continue to fly over the orchard effortlessly. The Buddha answers my question before I ask. “You are in the premanifest. It's the place where dreams take form before they manifest in the waking world.”

          I then recall a dream from earlier where I am on a boat traveling down a river, similar to the Hudson River in New York and the Columbia River. A fire department boat is spraying water like a fountain into the air. As we cruise by, I see a shaman, painted in blue, walking on the water. As we get near the shore another blue shaman is yelling obscenities at me. I realize this is his teaching and I am not offended by it. Apparently that is the point–to not be offended or touched by words.

          I am filled with an intense sense of excitement and joy to be here. I land inside of a school where other students are. I see Stephanie and she seems to be as awestruck as I am. “Can you believe this?” she says.

          “It is incredible! We have to remember this when we wake up!” I say.

          “Definitely!” She responds.

          “Remember not to forget this. We have to remember this when we wake up!”

          Just then we see Derek from work who also seems to be a mix of my friend Nick from high school. He is carrying some antiquated measuring and calculation devices including some scrolls. He also has a transparent globe that symbolizes, in a model form, the connection between this place and the waking world. I am trying to remember what this place is called and I know the name but it eludes me (later when I woke up, the name came to me, the Kunzhi Namshe). We all agree to remember the dream when we awaken.

          I sense the lucidity fading and think I have woken up in the waking world. I see Stephanie and Derek. I ask them if they remember the experience of being in the dream domain. They both said they remembered, but Derek said some of it wasn't quite clear now....

          I then wake up and realize the previous exchange was a false awakening. Yet, I am filled with a pleasant sense of residual joy and awe from being lucid in the dream...


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 The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. 

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