Palpatine and Pat Robertson

"Oh God please deliver us from the likes of Pat Robertson. Please forgive him for being an idiot about his misguided beliefs about you punishing Haiti with an earthquake. May he replace the anger he has for those who believe and live differently than he with peace. He is not unlike a mental patient who is suffering from a psychotic episode. His delusional mind is causing himself and others to suffer. Someone who talks like that has not truly found the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, that guards our hearts and minds."
He has so much aggression in his heart and mind; That is a painful place to be no matter what you believe. It is not helpful to the people of Haiti. They need help, not condemnation!
That " twinkle in his eye" has always been unsettling to me; Its the look of a predator that uses a lure to capture its prey. Fundamentalism in any religious context mixed with nationalism creates fear, which leads to hate, which leads to....suffering. There seems to me that there are similarities, not just in appearance, between Pat Robertson and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars™. The Emperor was very coy and clever in leading people, ultimately not for their benefit, but for his own. I wouldn't be surprised to see him using Force™ lightning against those who disagree with his narrow minded perspective. To quote my friend Matt Smith, "he is a stain on Christendom, a charlatan, a perpetrator of lies..."
My prayers go to those who are suffering, which is ultimately any of us who cling to fundamentalistic thinking, as well to those who suffer from natural disasters. Why would a God that is apparently so full of love and compassion have the need to exact revenge on people who are doing the best with what they have, with the suffering they already have? Its hard to believe that we need a place like hell.


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So refreshing to no I am not alone in my thoughts. You have put all the words together perfectly.
-- Kris Coca, 4/3/11

Jan SwanAmen!
-- Jan Swan, 1/16/10

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