Smiling with Grimm: Digital Video Editing Assignment

Smiling with Grimm: Digital Video Editing Assignment

This was a fun assignment I did last summer for my Digital Video Editing class. We were all given the same storyboards and screen play with stage direction. It was up to each of us to make it our own in style and pacing. The idea was to have two characters sitting on a park bench using only body language and posturing to tell a narrative without words. I chose to film in a cemetery and used a gated wall that surrounded a mausoleum as my bench on which my characters sat.  I thought it would be interesting to have a cute exchange between the Grimm Reaper and a little girl with a bright smiley balloon. My Son and Daughter were very patient with me as I had to film the same scene over and over again with different camera angles. My wife Rhonda was very helpful as my assistant director reading the script's stage direction to the kids. It was a fun experience and we got milkshakes afterwards, so Jacob and Bethany were very happy.

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