Elevator Dream, July 21, 1991

Elevator Dream, July 21, 1991
Elevator Dream, July 21, 1991

... I am standing on an upper section of a building that reminds me of the back area of the Columbia Theater in St. Helens. After a few moments, I make my way onto the marquee by way of an unusual ladder/elevator. I used the ladder that is built onto the outside of an elevator shaft separated from the main building by 2 or 3 feet. The ladder is on the side facing the building and it is a tight fit to use ( you also have to deal with spiders and their webs). The elevator on the other hand could only fit one person at a time as they are meant to stand on a small circular platform. It is a bit perilous because once your were at the top, you would be standing on the narrow ledge of the trapezoidal tower. You could either climb down the rungs to the main building or, if you were a bit more adventurous, I suppose you could jump over to it.
I make my way to another higher level of the building where I see Ringo Starr wrapped up in blankets laying near the ledge looking out at the city in the late day sun. He stands up still wrapped up in his blankets.
"Pretty nice, huh," he says. "When you look at the city just say, don't hassle me. Remember, the man in black says, don't hassle me."
I smile and climb onto the odd ladder/elevator. When I do so, I accidently send the elevator platform down the shaft from the pressure of my hand pushing on it. However, another platform immediately replaces it. I don't feel safe using the elevator so I climb down the ladder instead. As I climb down, I can hear a radio with a voice saying, "Hear Ringo Starr on the Chuck Mohalon Show on Z100!"
The ladder takes me into a restaurant where a young woman complains about her sixty hour work week. In the restaurant I see a lot of green jello with whip cream. My friend Cliffy is here and he somehow manages to get the young woman to smile...

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