My primary works are acrylic portraits of animals, interpreted in bold, expressive color.  I explore the fascination we humans have with the natural world and our attempts to maintain a connection to it through the  animals we bring into our lives to share our experience with us.  There is a tenuous edge between the domestic animals we harbor and the beasts in the wild. We forget that they are fully functioning, instinctually driven, wild animals.  In this age in which technology propels us far from our instinctual nature/roots, I find this intriguing.

In contrast to painting, where I stand for hours on end at an easel, I also manipulate photography in Photoshop.  My digital work evokes a  feeling that something is about to happen.  I seek to impart a sense of mystery in my work.

My paintings have been juried into various shows in San Diego. One received a first place award in the Fine Arts exhibit of the 2004 San Diego County Fair and another in 2005.  Most have happily found places in homes surrounded by other works of original art.

THANK YOU to those of you who appreciate a unique painting crafted by hand! 

INSTAGRAM: @S_Bainbridge
FACEBOOK: @Artbrat


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