I have always been a dancer, a dreamer and an intellectual, stuck in my head and wanting to inhabit my body gracefully and without fear. Art supports that process for me. It provides a means with which I can digest the difficult, problematic, beautiful world I find myself in. I am inspired by movement and metaphor and a deep desire to express, transform & explore.

My formal artistic education began in college, where I was trained as a scenic artist and theatrical designer. I then traveled to Paris to study the Van Aken Classical Technique and work in the Louvre as a copyist. I spent many years working professionally as a muralist, scenic painter, and copyist, and it was during and since my time studying to become an Expressive Arts Therapist (starting in 2005) that I began to make space for my own images to emerge. Since that time, I have also opened my heart to more radical visions of the world and spend much of my time organizing politically, writing and working to create safe, decolonized community spaces.

I enjoy working with oil and acrylic paints, collage, clay, mixed media and photography. I especially love found objects. Currently, my fascination is with light and shadow, the color gold, and deconstructionism. I am delighted by texture and the subtle application of irony and the questioning of systemic and cultural assumptions.

Though not always present in the themes of my artwork, environmental sustainability is something I value. I revere the natural world and often integrate items scavenged from my time outdoors into my artwork. I hope that by putting natural objects back in the realm of artistic and spiritual reverence, we can slowly shift away from the current ways in which we un-sustainably consume the earth. Most of my materials, including frames, canvases, and textural objects, are reclaimed.


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