Eco Art Eco Art
All of these pieces either feature, or made entirely from, reclaimed & found objects from man-made and natural ecosystems..

Everyman Series Everyman Series
A series of still life acrylics based on the wooden artist model in order to highlight gesture, emotion and texture.

Into the never ending process Into the never ending process
Friends and fans often comment on how layered my art is. This is because I just keep adding and adding - sometimes I think a piece is done for years and then I look at it and realize I need to keep going. Or sometimes I know it's not done and I still have to put it aside for awhile until the next steps become clear. Here I share one piece of canvas with some of its many evolutions. I often wish, in retrospect, that I was better about taking more pictures along the way as this piece had so many uncaptured versions.. but art, like life, is ephemeral..