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Artist directory :: Verisimilitude

romantic, figurative, deconstructionist, mixed media from a queer/feminine perspective with a view toward eco-awareness, reclamation & sustainability...



Rebecca Toran Ailisheva 
I have always been a dancer, a dreamer and an intellectual, stuck in my head and wanting to inhabit my body gracefully and without fear. Art supports that process for me. It provides a means with which I can digest the difficult, problematic, beautiful world I find myself in. I am inspired by movement and metaphor and a deep desire to express, transform &explore. My formal artistic education began in college, where I was trained as a scenic artist and theatrical designer. I then traveled to Paris to study the Van Aken Classical Technique and work in the Louvre as a copyist. I spent many years working professionally as a muralist, scenic painter, and copyist, and it was during and since my time studying to become an Expressive Arts Therapist (starting in...


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Oakland, CA
United States


Eco Art All of these pieces either feature, or made entirely from, reclaimed &found objects from man-made and natural ecosystems..
Everyman Series A series of still life acrylics based on the wooden artist model in order to highlight gesture, emotion and texture.
Photography 12 items


New works in progress
Here are a few pieces I’ve been working on..

Mail Art for Prisoners
On second thought, I have actually been making art. It's just that this year has been much more about mail art - due to my involvement with the local SF Bay Area chapter of Black &Pink. Here are some of the cards we decorated this year to send inside.

Amazing how fast a year can pass..
Looking back, my last blog post was a year ago!! And I haven't even finished the work in progress from that blog! I have worked on it, though. And I've gotten into more of a groove with a few other pieces, and even started reworking a few pieces I thought were finished. I guess nothing is ever really finished, especially when your work is all about layers.

New work in progress..
Just wanted to share a new painting I've been working on lately.

My newest artwork!
A little political art and action for the Halloween season...

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