my new website!!

okay, my foray into blogging!

i am delighted by this new website - such an improvement over the old one, even though it's going to take me awhile to get everything uploaded. as i'm uploading my artwork i'm realizing just how many pieces of mine are inspired by the words and poetry of those i adore. it's the way i have of digesting the meaning and impact of the world around me.

a lot of sadness is also coming up for me as i upload these images - as so many of my pieces have been sold and are basically lost to me forever. for years, i thought my value as an artist was based on how quickly and for how much i could sell my work . but, because of the deep personal meaning of each piece, i never really honored the attachment i had for these pieces and the symbolic significance they each held for me. and, now, looking back, there are quite a few i wish i could "unsell" and put on my wall to fuel my own meditations and introspection. it amazes me that i could (and continue to) put a dollar amount on this artistic process that has been channeling itself through me all these years. of course, i'm grateful for those who saw (and see) my artwork as something to worthy of their time, money, reflection and appreciation. but, still, i miss some of those pieces!



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I've always believed in you as an artist. Thank you for enriching my life with your work.
-- Greg Lawrence, 1/24/11