Prints available!

Art Prints Available!
I'm excited to announce that I now have prints available for 6 of my paintings. Below they are listed with title, descriptions, text, and available sizes in inches (other sizes are possible). The yard stick on the right side kind of gives you a sense of the relative sizes.

"I Will Learn to Love" (top left, collage with mostly brown, blue and gold) Text reads: I will learn to love, I will learn to hurt, heal, suffer, survive -- prints available: 10x15 and 13.5x20.

"Onset of a Vision" (top middle, collage with mostly blue and a silhouette in ribbon) Text reads: "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures, I am this body, a play Of five elements; a drama Of the spirit dancing With joy and sorrow" ~Kabir --  prints available: 6x9, 10x15, 12x18 and 13.5x20.

"Mirage" (top right, an eagle flying under a blue moon and between a collaged mountain of images, mostly faces) Text reads: Your mom tells you a story before you go to bed and you believe it. --  prints available: 11x14 and 14x18.

"Communion (Reaching)" (bottom left, portrait of a wooden figure model reaching to a leaf) -- prints available: 8x10, 12x15 and 16x20.

"Never Surrender" (bottom middle, portrait of a peregrine with a collage background) Text reads: "Being captured is besides the point... The point is not to surrender" (quote from "It's this way" by Nazim Hikmet) -- prints available: 11x14 and 14x18.

"A Million Tender Blades of Grass" (bottom right, figure of a body collaged with nature images, holding a seedling) Text reads: "They who build concrete against the corners of our hearts need to feel our resistance like a million blades of grass cracking sidewalks apart reminding your runaway child there is no place that love cannot find you there is no place that love cannot find you there is no place that love cannot find you" (quote from "Overcoming" by Naima Penniman of Climbing Poetree) -- prints available: 8x10, 12x15 and 16x20

6x9 and 8x10 sizes are $15-35 sliding scale
11x14 and 12x15 sizes are $25-50 sliding scale
14x18, 135x20 and 16x20 are $35-80 sliding scale

Half of all proceeds will be redistributed to BIPOC-led organizations fighting for justice, landback, and collective liberation. The other half basically pays for the costs of scanning, printing and supplies.


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