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Beautiful new necklaces and bracelets Sue. Wishing you good sales at the SFM
-- Nairy, 5/28/22

I enjoyed seeing your work. You have some very interesting stone beads in your necklaces that make them very unique. I look forward to seeing more!
-- Gail Austin, 5/23/22

Great photos of work. Loved the "adopted" selections. Didn't know what it meant till I clicked on them! Good luck
-- Elizabeth Aguilar, 2/14/22

Love 'Motherly love" and the "dolphin" do wonderful work.
-- Roberta Hanson, 2/9/22

Beautiful work!!!
-- Sandi Balsamo , 2/9/22

Love the beautiful, bright colors of your jewelry. Looking forward to more photos of your creations.
-- Nairy Finn, 2/1/22

Love your art! Your bracelets and necklaces are amazing! The quality of attention to detail in the workmanship is outstanding. All at a price which is very affordable.
-- Grfinn@earthlink.Net, 1/31/22

Beautiful Sue! Congratulations!
-- Nairy Finn, 1/31/22