Wheel Thrown Stoneware Vase
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Carl's Pottery is dedicated to the creation of artistic and fine-art pottery.  Please browse the galleries to check out the wide variety of pottery created. Blog entries are updated regularly - check them out for a behind-the-scenes look. If you are interested in purchasing any pieces, feel free to contact Carl.  Each piece is assigned a unique serial number for reference purposes. Many of the pieces shown have already been sold.  Some others have been placed in a gallery.  Most of the rest travel to the art shows/fairs where they are sold and new ones take their place.  If you have a question, please feel free to email and ask.  The site is still being initially updated with photos, so please come back a few times to see the new items added.  Thank you for visiting!


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Carl your work is Inspiring and I am honored to have been a student for so long, someday I hope to be this fantastic! All of your hard work and passion for Art shines through in all you do!
-- Holly Hole, 7/10/12

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