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I would love to talk to you about a vase. Everything is beautiful!
-- Deb Gjere, 5/31/21

Hi Carl, just happened across your website. I was surprised to see you are into pottery. I'm retired for past 3 years. Still live in Freeport, but have a house in FL where I stay for 5 months, Glad to see you are doing well. Take care.
-- Carol Drummet, 5/24/15

I really love the vase for my flower buds I bought from you a few years ago in Rochester MN. Thank You.
-- Patty, 10/25/14

Hello, my name is Carey and I own EarthBound Designs. I opened my studio and sell and teach from it in Rochester. If you know of anyone who would like to take lessions, please let me know. I have new classes starting april 15th. You have very nice stuff carl. check out my studio page at facebook. have a great day!
-- Earthbound Designs Pottery Studio, 3/28/13

Trying to purchase 110913.B multi glaze coffee mug. Would love to receive newsletter.
-- Michelle Ditton, 12/10/12

I was at uyour E.P. show I bought 3 small vases and forgot too give you my check. Please send adress so I can pay you. It was 50.00 for 3
-- Jean Stillwell, 10/27/12

I bought one of your Asian vases at ARTigras in Rochester last weekend. I cut my first garden flowers and arranged them in your vase. Love your work! Cool colors too. Keep up the great work!
-- Dana Gilbertson, 8/24/11

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