Flower Vases Description


Flower Saver Vases are used to display single stem flowers in an appealing and highly efficient manner.  Because the vases do not require a full bouquet, they are considered to be "Flower Savers".  They are also very adept at displaying shorter stems which are often too short for normal vases. 

The metal pin 'frog' in the bottom of each vase is glued in place using waterproof glue so that it continues to stay in place even after the flowers are watered.  The 'frog' makes it easy for the stem of the flower to be held in place allowing it to stand in the center of the vase and enhancing its presentation. 

These vases make great gifts and stocking stuffers, and are also an alternate way to display flowers for those special dinner occasions without the use of a large bouquet in the center of the table. This allows each place setting to have its own flower to enjoy without a large display to get in the way of guest sight lines and pleasant dinner conversation.

People who have purchased these vases have used them in bathrooms where often times a large display of flowers is not wanted, or at their desk at work where a stem or three of a lovely flower can help make the office decor more enjoyable.  If you have purchased one of these vases, please feel free to share your experiences!


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I have purchased one of Carl's Flower Saver at Lanesboro Arts in the Park 2013. I brought it to work and immediately put a small bouquet of Daiseys in it. I placed this on the corner of the desk and everyone was intrigued. Thanks Carl for creating a very likeable vase that will keep my summer flowers still present with me at work.
-- Connie Lumley, 6/25/13

Next showing is at the Roseville Skating Center on March 19th, 2016 from 10am to 5pm.