Wildflowers and Turquoise


Wildflowers and Turquoise

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Spring Daffy


I worked at the Dogwood Art Gallery today and was able to a lot done on this watercolor .  It's been a while since I posted on this blog. Hope to do a little better with that. Hope you spring is going well.  C


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The Old Rambler



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Payment Options


Hope you shopping includes me.  Please contact me for payment options if you are interested in any work.  I am working on activating a Pay Pal account.


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My show this week was a great success, having sold 5 paintings.  So thankful for my clients.  So many people were so complimentary and supportive.  A great time. 


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Art Opening


Tree 1
Sorry to report that my art opening for Nov 4 has been cancelled. 


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Happy Fall


The Forgotten Lake
Welcome October.  I am excited to begin photographing new subject matter for inspiration....Cooler weather has brought lots of color to the trees.  Hope your fall is glorious.


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Fall Activities


Kentucky Atutumn
You are invited!

Nov 4, 2011

Looking Glass Tea Shop

7th and Washington St Shelbyville KY

5:00pm - close


Featured Artist C PLOETNER

Make plans now to see my latest work...a collection of trees and then some!

Oils and Watercolors

My work will be at the Tearoom for the month of November so if you can't make the opening, stop in for tea and lunch for some eyecandy and holiday shopping.


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This event has been cancelled.
-- C Ploetner Creations, 10/10/11

New paintngs


Just finished 2 new paintings and added to my oil/alkyd gallery.  Hope you enjoy. 


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Shakertown Memories


Shakertown Memories
Today was spent gearing up for autumn as I worked on 2 fall scenes...nothing more beautiful than rich fall colors.


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Previously published:

C Ploetner Creations are original works of art.  Currently no prints are being offered.  All work is the property of the artist and may not be used or copied without her consent.