“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to 
           grow sharper.”   Eden Phillpotts

When Darkness Falls
                       Transforming the world I see into a work of art is an exciting, creative
                       adventure.  Especially when I paint or photograph tranquil, reflective 
                       spaces or people with a sparkle in their eye.


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Wonderful lighting and composition. I feel I am there experiencing the sunrise. Thanks, Dana. You have a very fine eye.
-- Judy Bethel, 9/19/23

Interesting collection Well done
-- Sheridan Johnston, 12/3/20

It gives an impression of more than a magnificent waterfall! Great!
-- Hyunyong Hwang, 8/18/15

Great look, Dana! congratulations!!!
-- Gwen, 3/30/11

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