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fascinated by your life journey and how it’s reflected in your beautiful works of art
-- Deborah Cssher, 9/7/23

Loved visiting your website, and your photography. I can’t wait to be your next show at Mission Trails.
-- Carol Harter, 9/3/22

Hi Dana, beautiful work, I met your aunt in RB (Rhonda) we talked about you and I will let you know when the Museum of Art Guild will have a reception for the open show which I was juried in May,2018. Welcome to the AAASD.
-- Vita Sorrentino, 5/9/18

These pictures and paintings are amazing. So proud of you.
-- Megan Bookspun, 12/30/17

Your site looks great- love the abstracts! Glad to see you continue your creative process.
-- Christine Waters, 8/27/15

Really enjoyed perusing your website--it is full of very dramatic and insightful images. Love your work!
-- Christa Murray, 8/21/15

These are wonderful photographs! Thank you.
-- Doris Wallace, 8/16/15

It is so amazing to see how you reshape an ordinary situation into a work of art. So lovely to look at.
-- Angela G.C.Rodin, 11/13/14

Dana, your work is very different and beautiful, it is getting better and better, if that is possible, keep up the great work, love seeing it, thanks for sharing.
-- Vita Sorrentino, 11/7/14

Thank you Dana, very good site and inspiring work.
-- Renata Spiazzi, 2/22/14

Vita SorrentinoDana, your latest Symmetry works are beautiful and very different. You really are one of a kind artist. Keep up the great work. Vita Sorrentino
-- Vita Sorrentino, 12/18/12

Dana, love your work. Happy to have several pieces on my walls! Thanks.
-- Gwen, 7/3/12

This collection of your work is so very beautifully artistically and creatively done. You really do have the gift Dana. Thanks for showing it. Henrietta Farber
-- Henrietta Farber, 3/22/12

Gorgeous work Dana. Best, Salli
-- Salli Sachse, 2/27/12

Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. It's not often that I have emotional responses to photography, but I definitely do when viewing your compelling images.
-- Jon Rudin, 10/27/11

Love your work!
-- Sharon Ford, 4/25/11

You definitely have an eye for phtographing the unusual. May you continue to create create unusual photos.
-- Judith Ennis, 4/24/11

judy briggsYour work is beautiful
-- judy briggs, 1/29/11

Great Work !
-- Angela G.C. Rodin, 9/7/10

All your pictures are wonderful. The subject matter is so very interesting. I would have a difficult time picking just one or two of them. you have a wonderful talent.
-- Jules Toch, 12/29/09

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