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Unguarded Moments Unguarded Moments
People, doing what comes naturally.  Most of these are "street photography" taken of people who are unaware they are being photographed.

Places Places
I'm especially drawn to quiet, tranquil places with lots of atmosphere.

Mostly Black and White Mostly Black and White
Sometimes color is a distraction and I choose to remove it from my image.

Abstracts Abstracts
Take a close look at the composition and hone in on
what's essential

Still Life Still Life
It often refers to inanimate objects on display.

Portraits Portraits
Portraits are meant to reveal character and mood.

Water and Sky Water and Sky
Blue is my favorite color, and here in San Diego, I am 
surrounded by cerulean skies and ever changing colors of
the ocean.

Symmetry Symmetry
When I merge one image with its mirror image, I often 
am able to create new shapes where they join together.

Body Language Body Language
Revealing emotion through one's body.

Enigma Enigma
Enigma, in this context, means a puzzling situation or a picture containing a hidden meaning.  

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