Old Shed II


District 117 Gallery: Finalist Juried Photography Show 2008 (White Mask, Pink Boa) 

Studio of Art & Design
:  Invitational Juried Watermedia Exhibit, Honorable Mention ‘05 (Carl Painting), Honorable Mention 2007 (Three Men)

San Diego Airport Authority
: 2004 Banner Competition (Walking on the Beach)

San Diego Art Institute
: 2005 Hon. Men. (Tattoo Gallery #6)

San Diego County Fair
: 2018 Hon. Men. (Sweet Sensations); 2014 Hon. Men. (Sea and Sky); 2011 Hon. Men. (Vermont Countryside); 2010 Hon. Men (Ocean Beach Couple);  2009 Hon. Men (Lighthouse Keeper’s Desk, Marbles on the Loose); 2008 1st Pl. (Miss Murphy’s Bow), Hon. Men. (Disgruntled Clown); 2006 1st Pl. (Pears, Bottles, Window), Hon. Men. (Sophia); 2005 4th Pl (Carl Painting), 5th Pl (Tattoo Gallery #6), 2004 Hon. Mention (Four Score & Seven Years Ago)

San Diego Hospice
: 2008 3rd Pl. (Ripples of Light) 
San Diego Visual Arts Network - Art Meets Fashion:  2010 Hon. Men. (What to Wear at the Fair)

San Diego Watercolor Soc
: 2006 Hon. Men. (Building Blocks); 2006 Hon. Men. (Three Men); 2006 2nd Pl (Yellow Poplars); 2005 Juror’s Comm (A Day at the Races); 2004 Juror’s Comm. (4 Score & 7 Years Ago); 2004 Hon. Mention (Lobster Trap Buoys); 2003 3rd Place (Sophia with a Ball)

La Jolla Art Assoc
: 2013 1st Place (Disgruntled Clown); 2009 New Beginnings Hon Men (Palisades Springtime); 2007 Under the Sky Hon Men (Dawn, Wind’n’Sea Beach); 2006 Digital Arts Show Hon Merit (Reflections Red on Blue); 2006 Members Show 1st Pl (Before Sunrise 5:00, 5:10, 5:20); 2004 County Show, Most Dramatic Use Light and Shadow (The Flute Player)

St. Mark's Church: 
2018  Hon. Men. (Dispersion);2015 Hon. Men. (Yellow Orchids)

Small Image Show:  Gallery 21, Spanish Village 2018 (Lagoon at Mid-afternoon)

                    Vermont Meadow

Publications and Talks

UCSD Visual Arts Group: 2009 Calendar (The Glassblower's Discards, Fountain)

La Jolla Art Association: 2010 Calendar (Water Sprites)

Digital Art Guild: Urban Legends and Country Tales, 2008 (Dia de los Muertos); Homage, 2010 (Trolley Dancers No. 1); Evolution in Resolution, 2011 (Girls in a Parade, Ocean Beach Couple, Trolley Dancers #1); Sending Light into Darkness  2013 (Shadows and Columns, Shadows and Bricks); Intersections 2016 (South Bay Salt Works, Girls in a Parade); Cross-Pollination 2018 (Joyous Color: Homage to Chihuly)

Barnard College Alumnae Magazine, Fall 2012 (The Pond)

About Town Magazine, Fall, 2013 (How I Met my Cousin)

U.C. San Diego, Summer, 2016 (Street Photography)
U.C. San Diego, Spring 2017 (Portraiture)
U.C. San Diego, Spring, 2018 (Genius in Science)
U.C. San Diego, Spring, 2019 (The Human Form)
U.C. San Diego, Winter, 2021 (Folk Art)

Osher, UC San Diego, Active Voices cover, 2017 (Torrey Pines Gliderport)
Osher, UC San Diego, Active Voices cover, 2018 (The Pond at Borderlands)
Osher, UC San Diego, Active Voices cover, 2020 (Balloon Launch II)

Darkroomers Club, Balboa Park, Winter, 2018, Spring, 2020 (Street Photography)

Book Cover, 2020, (Words Bursting in Air:  Woman in a Net)

Joyous Color
                  Joyous Color


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