Drawing the Edwardian Ball

Best drawing event ever--if you don't mind moving targets!  Imagine hundreds of people dressed in extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, hyper-creative costumes.  Themes run from straightforward 19th century formal wear to steampunk to London "pearlies" to exotic eclecticism to completely unique and unclassifiable.  Some of the costumes are absolutely beautiful, too, with rich materials in exquisite color combinations that would be impossible to do justice to, without countless hours of meticulous work in a painting studio.  A few people were actually posing, but most of the people I drew just happened to be holding still for a couple of minutes.  So much fun!    

Bursting Bodice
Fellow Artist (She Was Drawing Too)
Fur Coat and Reticule
Massive Beard
Moustache and Fez
Picturesque Man
Seated Stiltwalker
Towering Hat
Viewed from Below

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