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Goddamn girl!!! You're like a F...ING VOLCANO! You're good too!
-- Harry V Johnson, 12/11/21

Diana, Once again you manage to amaze/bore me with your USUAL amped-up production pace. ;] I must say tho - "You definitely put me to shame, whenever I get the gaul to call myself an artist. "
-- Harry V Johnson, 2/11/21

Diana, you are AMAZING!!! Every week or so, I get to WATCH YOU UNFOLD! Thank You So Much!!!
-- Harry V Johnson, 12/11/20

You are wonderful!!! HAVE IT!
-- Harry V Johnson, 11/14/20

People quite often DON'T appreciate the incredible EXPANSE that 'Artwork' covers or the fine particulars of 'SUPPOSEDLY' unrelated details. But I do! Thank You!, Harry
-- Harry Johnson, 7/11/20

I loved your work! Though I now live in Calgary, Canada you have pieces that make me think of specific places in L.A. and they make me smile. What a wonderful variety too :) Thanks for sharing it with me. Nicole
-- Nicole Musser, 4/12/19

Wow! I love your work!! I didn't know you did such a wide variety of artwork -- very impressive. And I was surprised to see the water color portrait you did of me - and of others in our drawing class. You're inspiring me!
-- Nancy Yates, 8/9/15

harry v johnsonhi again diana, i like most of it. got me thinking about making/publishing a woodcut book. then i saw the "large as life" stuff and the "sparklies". now i'm blown away! i thought that i was talented. you take the cake! i thought that i was busy. oh well... :) thank you, thank you, thank you. harry
-- harry v johnson, 9/3/11

We missed you at the Uhigh 40 yr reunion. I am glad you are doing well and involved in your art. Mike
-- Mike Easter, 10/28/10

I'm blown away, Diana! Your work is exquisit--so colorful and "out of the box" I love your freedom!
-- Dorothy Gager, 3/24/10

harry v johnsonart is a very curious thing. for some it's a visual yardstick for a person's ability to completely quiet the world around them, and then let the simplest things flower their honey of understanding and cohesion on them. you seem to be one of them. thank you for all of your hard work, harry
-- harry v johnson, 2/24/10

Enjoyed your site very much,refreshing to look at! Glad to have found this site myself.
-- James Lasenby, 2/12/10

John CulattoDear Diana, although I am quite new on the scene I am glad that I read your remark as now I have looked at some of your paintings and found them very enjoyable. Small paintings are good, essential, but I also think you should do something more ambitious once in a while which would stretch you and become like a milestone in your career-but I really like your direct and unpretentious! blessings!
-- John Culatto, 1/17/10

Diana, I am not an artist by any means nor do I know anything about art, but I am in love with some of your work. I knew you were a talented artist but I had no idea. Wow I know an actual artist and she is a member of my lucky am I. I still would love you to sketch a picture of Paige sometime. Take care and tell Russell Hi for me.
-- Shari Ragar, 4/15/09

Diana! We love it. I think there are a few we want to buy next time we are out there. See you again soon. Love and miss you already. Fred and Joe
-- Fred, 3/28/09

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