Small, Simple Abstracts


Orange and White
Turquoise and White
Have been experimenting with some very simple abstracts on small, wooden panels.  There is something satisfying about the discipline required to keep these very simple.


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Dog Portrait: Brock


A  young woman commissioned me to paint a portrait of her sister's dog, as a surprise gift.  She sent me numerous photos to work with, and asked for a background that included succulents and California poppies.  I did three sketches, from which she chose one to serve as the basis for a painting in acrylics.  This painting took about a week.   The client was pleased enough to pay me more than the fee we had agreed on.   A win-win!


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Teresa, Seated Figure
Finally!  A watercolor painting that looks comfortable with being a watercolor painting.  Must try to do this again.

Teresa, Profile
Pablo, Head Study A
Pablo, Standing Profile
White Shirt Drying Outdoors
Twins in the Pool

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