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Diana Blackwell Fine Art

Artist directory :: Diana Blackwell Fine Art

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Diana Blackwell Fine Art


Diana Blackwell 
Diana Blackwell is a Berkeley painter best known for realist figurative drawings and paintings, with emphasis on portraits, done in real time from live models. She reveres the figurative tradition in western art and admires everybody from Jan Van Eyck to Alice Neel. Blackwell's favorite media include charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, and gouache. Blackwell studied art in college under Frank Stack and received twenty years of informal instruction in figurative drawing and painting while working as an art model. Her work has shown or sold across the country and has illustrated books, magazines, and greeting cards. “Diana’s work evokes a sense of the strong female spirit with an ethereal aesthetic.” --Mignonne Design Blogspot


Collages 47 items
Figurative:  Large as Life These portraits are 30" x 40" or thereabouts. Consequently the figures are life sized or larger. (People who see them have asked me if I'm a muralist!) The emphasis is on accurate likeness, with bold colors and patterns.
Drawings Conte, colored pencil, charcoal, ink, and mixed media
Figures on Maps Portraits and figures in gouache on maps.
Gouache 42 items
Paintings:  Plus/Minus Series These paintings are all based on a combination of additive and subtractive techniques. That is, paint is applied to the canvas and then selectively removed.
Drawings - Nude Figures Gestures and longer poses
Monotypes Linocuts, Woodcuts, Monoprints, monoprint collages, and collages
Miscellaneous 3D works, mosaics,and other oddments that don't fit elsewhere
Diary Art 21 items


Watercolor Journal
Inspired by Laura Horn's online lessons on watercolor abstracts, I followed her recommendations and started a little journal for experimenting with this medium. The small scale and informal feeling of the journal make this a freeing, low-pressure way to learn new ways to use watercolor. One new trick that has proven useful is Lauren Horn's use of a bamboo skewer to make very thin marks by dragging the skewer across wet areas.

Drawing the Edwardian Ball
Best drawing event ever--if you don't mind moving targets! Imagine hundreds of people dressed in extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, hyper-creative costumes. Themes run from straightforward 19th century formal wear to steampunk to London "pearlies" to exotic eclecticism to completely unique and unclassifiable.

Whetzine Launch!
Last Saturday (1/25/2020), a super-cool new magazine launched, featuring art from various Bay Area women. The coral-themed inaugural issue includes fingernail art by Shawna H., poetry by Gabrielle Rae, digital illustrations by Kelly Heyer, poetry by Laurel Yando, collages by Angela Hockabout, drawings by Freda Maletsky, prints by Nicole Godreau Soria, and pastel portraiture by yours truly ! Check it out and order your very own copy at

Illustration Contest Winner!
The literary journal Imitation Fruit has selected my painting The Animal People as the winner for an illustration context. They said: "Longtime Imitation Fruit contributor, Diana Blackwell won the "Let's Team Up Contest" with her cover art illustration "Animal People." The uniquely styled piece conjures up a film noir pack of friends you wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley.

Drawing the Dickens Fair
This delightful seasonal festival has really blossomed since I last attended ten years ago. The Cow Palace in SF becomes a charming recreation of Victorian London, with enough atmosphere to make fans like me slightly intoxicated. Ladies in bonnets and bustles stroll by with gentlemen in frock coats, while urchins in cloth caps and scamper past, looking for Oliver Twist.

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