Morning Musings

God always gives us as much problems as much He knows we can overcome! The rest of it He takes over!

Success and failure are the two sides of the equilibrium! Our attempt to reach the eqilibrium forms the song of life!

Forgiveness clear the unwanted blocks in your heart so that happiness can easily flow through!

Gratitude is a great form of love! Allow it to take over its counterpart - the EGO!

We are what we see in others

Pure love and true devotion are the highest form of inspiration!

Our belief shall always lead to the rightful places.

A smile is the silent and the most beautiful form of communication 

Nothing happens on its own, there is always a cause and a reason!

Your faith is your best self within!

There is nothing more beautiful than the true form!

The human mind is the most powerful and flexible tool of communication. Let us lead it well!

Your routine define your way through life; your actions define your way of life

A calmer mind takes good decision, a happier mind, better!

There is nothing more efficient than HARD WORK; nothing more reliable than FAITH!

Life has taught me that silence is the best way to acquire Strength Wisdom and Peace!

Lets convert out weaknesses to our strengths with faith, not cover them up with ego!

Be at peace with yourself and NOTHING shall trouble you!

When your dream becomes your passion, nothing can stop you from converting it to reality!

The radiation of happiness is the greatest when the expectations are the least! 


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