AGNIVESHNice paintings .....!!!! I really enjoyed all...God bless you
-- AGNIVESH, 11/13/14

You have beaytifully expressed devotion through paintings..... :-]
-- Purnima Narayan, 6/15/13

Prabha Swaminathan:) Thank you! It sure did!
-- Prabha Swaminathan, 5/20/13

Wow too good!! Will look at it more liesurely at home!! Just forwarded to Murali also!! Im so happy this happened atleast after all these years!
-- Dheepa Narayanan, 5/20/13

Prabha SwaminathanThanks Deep! :)
-- Prabha Swaminathan, 5/19/13

Superb Prabhs! Whatever have you been doing all these years with all this oozing talent. Love them all.
-- Dheepa Narayanan, 5/19/13