Color Meditation
Lay back, make yourself comfortable, relax; take 5 deep and slow breaths.  Now imagine you are laying on the beach of a Bohemian island enjoying the beautiful, breathtaking turquoise water.  The sun rays are nurturing your body.  Imagine the rays turning a brilliant red and begin to permeate your body- you feel strong and full of vitality; confident, passionate and well grounded.  The rays begin to turn a magnificent orange, bringing about a feeling of generosity, giving, loving, good natured and creative.  As the rays began to transform into a bright yellow, you feel empowered, determined and fully in control of your being.  The yellow rays began to turn into a beautiful sparkling green, radiating feelings of unconditional love, security, gentleness and forgiveness.  Then the sun rays beam with an incredible blue sheen  bringing about creative expressions of speech and knowing when and how to speak and when to keep silent; you feel kind natured and honest. As the rays begin to transform into a wonderful violet hue, you experience a sense of intuitiveness, reflecting on sight, knowledge, sound and smell- that brings about light and understanding.  Then the rays radiate with a bright and shinning magenta color reflecting inner strength, love, compassion and spiritually groundedness; you become full, totally at peace, relaxed and whole; you are basking in the moment of completeness.  As the sun begins to set you are totally relaxed at peace and happy.


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