The Last Book Of The Year


This is a 1941 illustrated publication of one of my favorite novels. I also have a 1919 edition. 

As you might know, Gauguin was my gateway painter. I first read this book - a fictional account of his life and a discussion on the price artists and their fellow humans pay for their genius - in Augusta, GA in 1995.  I have re-read it a number of times. 

What is your last book read for 2021?


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New Coffee Cup


I have designed a new and fun coffee cup. On the other side it says "E bello essere il Pittore." And it has this website.  

It IS good to be the painter.


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Work Space


This is the work space as I paint the last piece for 2021 and first piece for 2022. 

One of the best things about primitive abstract painting is how I can just let go of everything and paint without judgment or over thinking.


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