Sunrise and cigar


Sunrise and cigar,
Savoring the morning breeze.
Bowtie hangs loosely.

(c) fprm, 6-25-2021


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Painting on a Sunday


Celebrating father's day by doing what I love doing most (beyond being my daughter's father): working on the summer painting project.


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Gateway Painter


Paul Gauguin is my gateway painter. I first discovered him in the early-mid 1990s and bought my first copy of W. Somerset Maugham's novel, "The Moon and Sixpence", which fictionalizes the painter's life. It asks the important question: how much should we accept that the artist may be a horrible human being if he is a brilliant artist. And consideration of Gauguin, who liked his women a little too young, must factor his frailties and sins with his art. 

But it was Gauguin who introduced me to primitivism and the notion of just getting away to just make art. My volcanos and nudes and cheeseburgers and deserts all have a spark of Gauguin in them. And for that I am grateful...taking all else in context. 

#primitiveabstractart #PaulGauguin #themoonandsixpence 


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The Great American Novel begins


This is just the beginning of my summer painting project. It will look very different when it is done. The most major problem to solve is where I will put the nude. 


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Ready for a Summer of Art


The canvas is up and ready to go. Another is on stand by for when I find a beautiful friend to come and sit and play. 

#fordprmclain #primitiveabstractart


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