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Valery LarsonVery inspirational and of the heart work. I'm a fellow zhibitor and want to share an artist tour to Oxford, England with you. A truly inspirational city that can stretch the imagination and grab the heart. Check it out at
-- Valery Larson, 6/26/19

I really enjoy your work, I'm looking forward to seeing more.
-- Jenn Merritt, 7/2/15

Angelique Renee' WashingtonBeing a poet first myself, I so want to read some of your poetry now...the art is agreed as you state yourself...but indeed, there is something relish or revel...[in]... and there is always wonderment in mind is just to complex to tap into it...smiles... Blakk
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 1/9/10

Nice art work
-- Paul Stewart, 10/14/09

-- Pete, 8/10/09

I very much like angela's dinner and the playwright's study. I am no artist or expert at art, but both remind me of Matisse.
-- Maria Mcdougal, 6/28/09

Thanks for sharing with all of us.
-- Dani Davis, 4/2/09

The journey is the destination. My favorite is "Normalcy." I remember vividly February 7th 1968. 41 and counting. "Still crazy after all these years!"
-- Ford The Elder, 1/25/09

I think you are quite the Artist. There is a lot of power in your pieces.
-- Maria, 1/19/09

Whatever floats your boat!
-- Ford The Elder, 3/24/08

Site looks great Ford. Keep Painting!
-- Rebecca, 3/24/08

Congratulations on the website and moving forward.
-- Gianna Nelson, 3/22/08

Cool site, Ford! Great to see all your work together!
-- Marcelle Manhattan, 3/21/08

hey, i know u
-- Dana , 3/21/08

Ford P. R. McLain

Primitive Abstract Art