Patricia Frischer has a masters degree in sculpture from the California College of Arts, but spent the last 30 years as a painter. The use of color and the idea of telling a story in a non-linear (neo-narrative) way developed in all those years of 2-D work have manifested themselves in her return to her three dimensional roots in her newest series Singularities. You are drawn in by the texture and hues of these constructions that are elaborate, even decadent. Found objects are transformed and coerced into alters and fetish objects but a closer look reveals a story about indulgences and obsessions.  There is always pleasure and humor in Frischer’s art but these new works also make you wonder “How in the hell did she makes those?”  The pieces can be calming or stimulating, occasionally even startling but always offer an experience to the collector much as theatre does.  She is not afraid to show the pleasure she experience in the beauty around her. The works of art are alarmingly literal, wittily verbal, surreally funny, flagrantly person, daringly fun and always mysterious.

Always working in series of 20 to 50 art works, this site shows some of the most recent works in two and three dimensions.

Born in 1948 in Kansas City, Ms. Frischer a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts (MFA). She is a lecturer, instructor, and author of a book, “The Artist in the Marketplace.” She was head of an international art department in Nottinghill Gate in London as well as assistant professor of Art at Humboldt State University. She was a board member of the Combined Organization for Visual Arts (COVA) San Diego where she coordinated the region wide Open Studios Tours and the Collectors Round Table panel discussions. Ms. Frischer now trains artist agents,dearlers and consultants and is presently the coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network ( which publishes the SmART Collector feature. Her own work has been shown internationally and her most recent one person show was at Oxford University.


Washington University, St. Louis Missouri: Boston Museum School of Fine Art, Boston, Mass.: Kansas City Art Institute, KC, Missouri
Degrees: B.F.A 1970 M.F.A., 1972 Major: Sculpture at California College of Arts and Crafts
Scholarships:Half-tuition, CCAC, 1971; Full-tuition, CCAC, 1971,1972; Teaching Assistantship, CCAC,1971,1972; Sophomore Tutorial Program, CCAC, 1971,1972

One Women Exhibitions:

Mesa College Gallery with Cheryl Tall, San Diego, CA 2005
Humor and Healing, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, 2001 COVA Open Studio Exhibition, San Diego, 1999,2000
Union Bank of California, Encinitas, California, 1999
Mary Ogilvie Gallery, St Anne’s College, Oxford, England, 1998, 2005
Via Cicada, Palm Springs, California, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2001
L’Escargot, London, England, 1990
Sue Williams Gallery, London, England, 1989, 1991
Chateau de Lesvault, Onlay, France, 1988
Patricia Carega Gallery, Washington D.C., 1986
Quinton Green Gallery, London, England, 1989
Private Stock Gallery, Kansas City, MO., 1983

Selected Group Exhibition:

Multiple Universes, Poway Art Center, 2006
Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance and Jazzercise, Carlsbad, 2006
Without Limits: Latin American Slant, Expressions of Mexico Gallery, 2006
Double Vision: Mixed Diptychs, Mixture Gallery, San Diego, CA 2005
La Dolce Vita, Galerie d’Art International, San Diego, CA, 2005
Dawn of the Living Pixel, Poway Art Center, 2005
The Golem, Gotthelf Art Gallery, SD Center for Jewish Culture, La Jolla, CA 2005
Oceanside Museum of Art, Art Auction Preview Exhibition, Oceanside, CA.2004
Galerie d’Art International Art Auction Preview Exhibition, San Diego, CA. 2004
California Digital, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA. 2003
Karsi Art Works, "Families Only, Istanbul, Turkey 2003
Artist Alliance, Oceanside Museum of Art Phantom Gallery, 2002
North Park Utility Box Project, San Diego, 2001
Arts Alive, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA., 2001, Cardiff, 2002
Sony Art Walk, San Diego, CA., 1998, Café Deception, 1999, Menagerie, 2000
La Jolla Art Festival, la Jolla, CA., 1997
Pump House Gallery, Group Show, Battersea, London, England, 1994
Wardolfs, Group Show, London, England, 1992,1993,1994
National Theatre, Group Show, London, England, 1993
Economist Gallery, Group Show, London, England, 1992
Sadler Wells Theatre, Group Show, London, England, 1992
Pulingers, Group Show, London, England, 1991
Sue Williams Gallery, “Candle Power", London, England, 1991
MM Arts, Group Shows, London, England, 1987,1988,1989, 1991
Oscar Woolens, Group Show, London, England, 1990
Trace Computer, Group Show, London, England, 1989
Spectrum Gallery, “Glass and Paper, “ Palm Desert, Ca., 1989, 1990
Patricia Carega Gallery, “Five Artist Paint Washington” Washington, D.C. 1986
Quinton Green Gallery, “Birds Beasts and Humans,” London, England, 1985 and Summer Show at the Cork Street Art Fair, 1984
Contemporary Art Society, “Art Market.” sponsored by Sainsbury, Smith Gallery, London, England, 1985, 1988

Art works by Patricia Frischer are in private collections and have been shown in group exhibitions throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Eastern Block countries, France, and Sweden.


“The Artist in the Marketplace,” with James Adams, H.Even, New York, 1980
“Advice to the Artist in Search of a Gallery,” Arts Review Magazine, London, 1986
"New Collectors", Open Studio Catalogue, San Diego, CA 2000
"Women Artists Datebook, 2003",Syracuse Cultural Workers
SmART Collector,, numerous articles 2003 to present

Selected Work Experience:

Coordinator, SanDiegoVisualArts Network, 2002 to present
Freelance lecturer, 1979 to present, Artist Agents Training Course, 2001 to present
Board of Directors, Combined Organisation of the Visual Arts, 1999 to 2004
Head of Art, Southbank International School, London, England, 1979-1996
Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California, 1977-1979
Director, JPL Fine Art Gallery, London, England, 1973-1976


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