Patricia Frischer is available for a range of lectures and workshops to educate artists, dealers, agents and collectors.
For Artists

Talking and Writing about your Art Work

A one hour workshop to help artist express themselves as an aid to marketing their artwork. Artists learn what questions to ask themselves and others and what resources are available to help with the writing tasks.

Portfolio Presentation

Preparing written materials, documentation of your artwork, formats for your packet or portfolio for presentation to Art Galleries, Art Association or even private clients.

Exhibition Venues and Pricing

A lecture discussing all the possibilities of venues for showing your work and how these differ including a discussion about juried shows and curated shows. Patricia Frischer will cover the four main factors determining price and more refined pricing criteria which affect the decision of a collector in determining value.

New Technology for Marketing your Art Work

New Technology for Art Marketing is all about Organization, Documentation, Presentation, and Communication. An overview of hard ware and software needed to get started and to advance your professional marketing techniques. Includes a discussion of how to use email and websites as sales tools.

Drawing a Crowd

How to write a press release including content and layout, how to form your press list, developing your angle to get maximum exposure, when to send and how to follow up, selecting images and using the correct format for sending, mailing list requirements, how to collaborate and partner for greater audiences, invites and flyers.

Renting Out your Exhibition Space

Learn what makes a suitable space for art shows, finding renters, business details including contracts, insurance, standard services, safety issues and the everyday running details of an exhibition gallery. Judging rental fees and deciding which range of services to provide for artists are all covered in this workshop for potential gallerists or artists with showing space in their studios.

Opening Your Art Studio to the Public

A lecture/workshop to help artists to open their studios to the public. Patricia Frischer will discuss invitation list, display, education, marketing and promotion, safety issues, signage, and give participants a check list of things to remember to get ready for the opening their private studio space. There will even be some role-playing so artists are comfortable greeting their guests. This very experienced professional will answer all questions about this area of marketing artwork.

Gallery Sitting
Golden Opportunity 101: The big hello, questions to ask visitors, how to turn this profitable time into profits for the art association and for the gallery sitter. This lecture includes a mini-guide to the different type of collectors and a brief lesson on talking about artwork as well as suggestions for other events to hold during a show to bring in more viewers.


Artist Agents
Why, what and how: A brief overview of the art market on national, international and local levels and the need for Artists Agents. The role of the artist agent in arranging exhibitions, making sales (including websites and networking opportunities) and the vast area of administration including promotional materials and maintaining a budget.

Art Collectors
This guide to the seven types of art collectors is pivotal to identifying what sort of questions to ask to develop on going relationships that result in extended collections. Many collectors fit into multiple categories and it is important to know these profiles and see how each serves to make a full spectrum of art support. Collectors are our most valuable resource.

State of the Arts, San Diego
This lecture gives the general public an overview of the international high-end art market to help understand how some artists are catapulted to stardom and other die in garrets. Then a description of the current art scene in San Diego is presented and how it compares to other large cities. Finally a look is taken at the ways San Diego can distinguish itself and come into it’s deserved position of a cultural center of the highest order.

How to Expose Yourself to More Art
This introduction for beginning collectors covers how to find art and artists, how to get mentoring help and how to do the research to become a more educated and confident buyer. This is not an art appreciation lecture but real insider tips to help collectors better support the visual art community and enhance their own lives.

Head versus Heart: For those interested in knowing more about why some art works range so greatly in price. The importance of the resume will be explained with hands on demonstration of the power of perception. This lecture also includes information about buying in both national and charity auctions.

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