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I knew you were a working artist and producing as your busy schedule permitted. I feel a closer kinship with the Singularities series and a certain affinity, conceptually with some of the drawing. I'll keep an eye out on this web site for your ongoing production. Having seen your Singularities, I whole heartedly encourage you to diligently concentrate on the glass casting. IF you can afford to pay a good technician, and as friend I also encourage you to do so, and go straight to producing a few of your composition. After which, if you feel that it's absolutely necessary to master the craft yourself, well then have at it.
-- Vallo Riberto, 5/1/19

I love your work it has so much depth. Your depiction with titles are wonderful. They give the true essence of providing a message that is inviting to the eye. But most importantly it is you I love as a remarkable artist. Anna Siqueiros Los Angeles
-- Anna Siqueiros, 9/23/16

Lesley's friend!
-- Linda Grosse, 10/2/14

Love the website and especially the "Singularities"- would like to discuss doing a show, food, presentations about geek things!
-- Patty Rangel, 3/26/12

Love your sculptures in particular. Your work is edgy, which I would not have guessed. I like that!
-- Portia La Touche, 1/19/11

All the best to you and Merci for all the joy you bring to the world...Love you, Love the work!!
-- Joseph Bennett, 7/20/08