I have, since early childhood had an interest in drawing. I never thought of that as art, but my way of keeping my memories safe. I grew up in a military family and spent many years looking out the back window of our station wagon watching my familiar surroundings disappear as we moved from place to place. I always yearned for someway to grab those scenes and make them mine.

My paintings have become my musings of the places, people and animals that have touched my heart.  I now travel for the joy of it collecting beautiful memories. With each painting I make the more I immerse myself into the magic of light and color and seem to be developing a style rich with emotion.

My child portraits are my heartfelt effort to celebrate a child's fleeting youth. The adult portraits are eternal heirlooms for family. The pets I paint create a permanent life bond to their people. For information on custom heirloom portraiture of people or pets contact me at my contact info on this site. 

Thank you!

Plein Air, Portraits & Pet Portraits, Landscapes, animals

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-- Shirley Mason, 3/21/17

what a talent you are
-- Bill Murphy, 3/13/14

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