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I enjoy your art (especially the plein air in Facebook). Being from Silver myself adds to the appreciation.
-- J.M. Pena, 7/4/18

I love your work! My sister Lois is married to your husband's brother Rick. My granddaughter recently started college in Tucson.
-- Ruth Beisser , 9/8/16

I love your work.
-- Lee Ackerman, 8/18/16

all I can say is WOW! You do great work.
-- Sandy Overfield, 2/4/16

Stefano Fuschetto
-- Stefano Fuschetto, 9/24/14

What a pleasant visit to so many beautiful places. Thank you.
-- Richard Dietzel, 8/27/14

Gay, what an honor to have you in our home. Your art is spectacular. We are proud to count you as a friend! Visit when you can. Peace, Maggie and Rebecca
-- Maggie Kilroy, 8/21/14

Enjoyed your plein air work very much!
-- Julie England, 3/16/14

Love your website, it's nice to be able to see everything. Gay, so glad you're finally doing what you were always meant to do.
-- Carol Myers, 3/15/14

Wonderful website! So good to see the larger body of work all together!
-- Lois Mcmanus, 3/13/14

I have a wonderful portrait of me that makes me smile every day. Also the amazing portraits of pets I've commissioned for friends and portraits for those near and dear... treasures all!
-- Marjorie Myers, 3/13/14

Great site, congrats Gay! I like the opening salutation...from the heart. More plein air on the mountain this summer?
-- Diane Kleiss, 3/13/14

Wow, so pleased to see this site! Congratulations on your artistic life! Love, Louise
-- Louise Demetrescu, 3/13/14

Your artwork is always made with love and from the heart! We are blessed to have your paintings on our walls. Beautiful work! ~Angela Scheibl
-- Angela Scheibl, 3/13/14

WELL DONE GAY! You've been busy! Congratulations !
-- Dotti, 3/12/14

That is the best website ever. Where is that good looking cowboy you painted years ago before you were famous?
-- Ed Scheibl, 3/12/14

As I've told you before, I get to say I knew you before you were famous! Keep up the good work, old friend.
-- Kim Sell, 3/12/14

Thank you again for the wonderful portrait of my wife. Love.
-- Felix Di Palma, 3/12/14

Wow, when I can afford you I'd love a doggy painting consult.
-- Susan Dabbs, 3/12/14

Love the banner! All the best with the new website.
-- Tad Lamb, 3/12/14

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